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MyADSino – New Business Online – Advertising, Casino, Poker, Sports Trading

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MyAdsino is an online platform that sits next to Casino in the advertising market with Raveshare/Adshare fully on advertising. As a partner you here sucked. STARCOINS advertise, which turn program can be used on a bonus payback.
Targeted advertising is switched on over 100 Web traffic networks. It's to millions which is applied for ad space and traffic here. In this manner, A1 can offer its partners very attractive advertising opportunities.


  • There are over 100 traffic networks
  • The system provides a marketing plan class
  • attractive advertising opportunities
  • 0.5% are us daily-paid 1.2% per star coin
  • Membership is free

How can one earn money at MyADSino?

The first opportunity for MyAdsino On the online gambling is to make money.
As the system of making money through sales investments (CashBack) considered RevShare programs mainly,.
Let's leave this option not taken into consideration at this point.

The second possibility is the entry as WerbePartner (affiliate) at MyAdsino.
Ye WerbePartner, for the first time you will automatically involved in the turnover of the company and
You can make really good money.
It's couldn't care less whether you apply an own product or your MyAdsino Web page. It is important to note, however, that, there is also the risk of a loss like any other RevShare program, that can lead to the total loss of earned income.

When you now purchase for example 10 StarCoins for 500 euro and these 10 StarCoins long 500 Tagel
adopted approximately 0.50 euro per StarCoin bring, and then have her after 500 days
get a total of 2.500,00 euros on CashBack - would in this particular example
mean a profit of 2,000.00 euros.

MyADSino Affiliate program:

You recruit more affiliates for myADSino, you build up your own downline.
At MyADSino goes the full 5 levels. For every purchase in the downline you receives a Commission then.
This is 8%, from the third 2% are in the first and second level. Here you deserve so totally passive on the sales of your partner.
The more partners, the more sales!
(Advertising links you can see) MyADsino Find dashboard)
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